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SABIS® Educational Services is the managing arm of the SABIS® Network and is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing and developing its network of schools in Africa and the Middle East.

With the exclusive rights to the SABIS® Educational System, a dynamic educational system with roots in the 19th century and a vision for the 21st century, SABIS® Educational Services provides schools under its management with support and services, enabling them to offer their students a high-quality education for a changing world.

Essential Information

The SABIS® Educational System

SES Departments

Academic Development

The SABIS® Academic Development Department plays an instrumental role in contributing to the growth and effective operation of member schools and licensees and ensures that the SABIS® Educational System continues to deliver a top-quality education to all students.

The SABIS® Academic Development Department develops and continuously supports SABIS® centers with books and resources, Core SABIS® pacing charts, lesson plans, curriculum-related issues, exam timetables, exam questions and databanks for exam creation, as well as customized programs for specific regions/schools.

English French Arabic
Physics Biology Chemistry
Science Math Computing
Economics Social Studies History


The SABIS® Information Development Department engages in the business of software development, maintenance, enhancement, as well as other IT services. With a team of over 70 experienced IT professionals, the mission of the SABIS® Information Development Department is to enhance the academic performance of students and increase the efficiency of the SABIS® environment.

SABIS® IT Department areas of expertise fall into three categories:

Software Development, IT Infrastructure, and IT School Operations.
Through these areas of expertise, SABIS® IT department is able to develop sophisticated software solutions to manage school operations and monitor student performance, provide timely assistance and on-site help to schools in 15 countries and to 300 corporate users, and oversee the complete deployment and installation of software solutions in SABIS® member schools.


The HR department in SABIS® Head Offices caters to supporting the organization’s principles, values, vision and mission.

It is the mission of human resources to support the total operation in meeting its goals by locating top notch applicants and ensuring employment development in order to motivate and retain a diverse workforce within an effective, working environment.

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SABIS® Professional Development Institute

With the aim of promoting high standards and providing uniform training for new and existing employees, the SABIS® Professional Development Institute provides comprehensive training programs for teachers, directors, and managerial staff in SABIS® member schools worldwide.

By equipping SABIS® member schools with training programs, materials, and tools, the institute facilitates the strategic growth of the organization.

SABIS® Creative Design

The mission of the SABIS® Creative Design department is to build and maintain a strong SABIS® image. A dedicated, efficient and highly professional team of graphic designers, web designers, web developers, quality controllers, and multimedia professionals bring forth all the needed creativity to support and serve both corporate and the SABIS® network.

Driven by SABIS® core values and purpose, the SABIS® Creative Design department brainstorms, creates, designs, develops and offers solutions and maintenance to several products such as corporate promotional material, corporate newsletters, school advertisements websites, digital signage solutions, 3D animations, SAGA and many others.

SABIS® Creative Design is committed to support the growth of the SABIS® business by consistently providing first-class creative services.

Book Publishing

In the SABIS® Books Publishing Department, a professional team of Graphic Designers, Quality Controllers, and Illustrators are responsible for the technical specifications and production of SABIS® educational books.

The aim of the SABIS® Books Publishing Department is to produce and distribute high-quality educational material that is recognizable for its originality, creativity, and commitment to providing SABIS® students with a high-quality education.


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